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Message par Minot le Sam 1 Nov - 21:22

Welcome to this tournament !
Rules  Ebcefc10

There is bracket without group stage.
Bo3 until semi final and Bo5 after.

Factions :
          All factions are allowed exept nomadic.

Units :
      -You can't use twice the same faction, reset for the semi final.
      -5 same units max.
      -6 melee cav max .
      -1 elephant or chariot max (inclu as cavalry unit).  
      -3 skirmish cavalery max.
      -6 pikes max.
      -8 foot skirmishers max.

Generals rules:
      Both players have to attack.
      If one of the players loose all of his cavalry, he becomes defender.
      If one of the players has only cavalry units, he becomes attacker.
      The player on the top of the bracket choose his faction before. It changes for the second game. I case of tie break, the looser of the second battle choose his faction first.
      Founds : large.
      Unit size: large.
      No hill camping.
      No red line camping.
      In case of drop, if there is clear victory don't restart the battle. If there is no clear victory restart it with the same set up.


   The player on the top of the bracket choose the map first.
Rules  Ebcefc10

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